The observational data recorded at various types of surface and upper air observatories, are scrutinised and archived at the National Data Centre, Pune. The Centre has a powerful computer system with peripheral devices for transferring the data from manuscripts to magnetic and electronic media for electronic data processing and archival. The Pune archives have approximately 8 billion characters of data storage which includes ship data and rainfall data of State raingauges spanning over a century. The archives form the basis for computation of means, normals, frequencies and other derived parameters, for their analysis and interpretation, and for the preparation of district and state climate summaries and atlases. The statistics thus compiled are periodically revised and updated.

Different types of climatological data are supplied by the National Data Centre, Pune and other offices of IMD in response to a large number of enquiries and requests received from Central and State Governments, universities, research institutes, public undertakings, private enterprises and individuals. The information supplied is used for a variety of applications such as laying of runways at airports, town planning, tourism, mountaineering, air-conditioning, location of industries, port installations, design of high towers, bridges and telecommunication structures, operation of multipurpose hydel projects, water and power management, location of projects for the exploitation of non-conventional energy sources.

The department has published many atlases such as the Climatological Atlas of India , Rainfall Atlas of India and Agroclimatic Atlas of India.

IMD brings out a monthly publication entitled “Climate Diagnostics Bulletin of India”.

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