For the benefit of the ships sailing on high seas and for coastal and fishing craft, weather bulletins are issued four times daily by the Area Cyclone Warning Centres at Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai and the Cyclone Warning Centres at Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar and Vishakhapatnam. When there is a depression or cyclonic storm over the Bay of Bengal or Arabian Sea, the bulletins are issued more often during the course of the day and special warnings are issued for fishermen advising them not to venture out into the sea. The bulletins are broadcast through AIR and coastal radio stations. Fishermen’s associations also play an active role in disseminating fishermen’s warnings. System of Port Warning Signals has been established at all major Indian ports,which are

hoisted to warn the ships about impending danger from approaching storms.IMD has Port Meteorological Offices at major ports in the country. Officers from these units visit Ships while in harbour to check and calibrate the meteorological instruments on board and to provide meteorological information to ships about to sail.

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